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In 1993, Steve (and Jo) took Sid Chastain's Angus/Hereford herd and introduced the Beefmaster breed. They both worked hard to invest/learn about registered cattle...requirements, processes, classifications, etc.  During that time, Jo attended "The Graham School for Cattlemen" (Garnett, KS)--breeding and herd management so that she could achieve the desired results.
The focus gradually shifted to breeding and record keeping.  Each match is hand selected so that the offspring has the best chance to be a prize.  We utilize "HeatWatch" to help monitor heat times and A.I./embryo timing.  Also the cattle are checked 2-3 times a day (and more during calving season)...This interaction with the cattle helps us create a more gentle herd behavior.
Chastain Farms, being located in Northwest AR, utilizes the University of Arkansas' Animal Science resources and technologies.  The normal visit to Chastain Farms usually involves pregnancy checks, sonograms, or A.I. work; however, they also make recommendations for ideal breeding environment (weather, feed, latest/best drugs, and recent trends.)  It is a pleasure to work with them...they have top of the line educators, facilities, and equipment. 
We have two calving seasons at Chastain Farms...Spring & Fall. Two calving seasons allows us maximize market fluctuations on our commercial herd.  We do pretty much everything on an annual calendar--breeding, blood testing (for certification), herd free testing, hoof trimming, vaccinations, etc.
We have a full-time farm manager, Kurtis Jennings, who helps us to maintain the herd.

If/when you call the office you may speak to Shiela Howard (Office Mgr.), Hunter Chastain (oldest son), Grant Chastain (youngest son) or Steve.  Although their primary focus is Steve Chastain Co. (Sales Representatives--hunting, camping, and fishing), they'll be glad to help.

Steve and Harper...clearing fences.

Steve, Jo, Hunter, & Grant