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Chastain Farms--Registered Beefmaster Cattle
Dedicated to Outstanding Genetics for Outstanding Cattle

6800 Park Ten Blvd., STE 290W
San Antonio, TX 78213


We have been in registered Beefmaster since 1993, and we pride ourselves on genetics and bloodlines. Working with the University of Arkansas, we use the latest technologies and techniques.

In 1993, Steve took his father's Angus/Hereford herd and introduced the Beefmaster breed. Since then, the focus has been on breeding and record keeping.  Each match is hand selected so that the offspring has the best chance to be a prize.  Our herd is comprised of cattle and bloodlines from across the U.S. 

We have two calving seasons at Chastain Farms...Spring & Fall.  This allows us to maximize market fluctuations on our commercial herd.  Also it gives the calves/cows the best chance to avoid extreme conditions and best external factors for growth/recovery. 

An active member of Beefmaster Breeders United. (Member # 81293)


AR State Fair (Fall 2014)--Grand Champion
Allyson Morlan